Door Decs!

These are our opening door decs for the first month or so. Our building theme is Island themed. Our wing theme is Hawaiian. So I thought these would best fit the theme for Hawaiian. If you have ideas for door decs or want to help make them feel free to come talk to me! I … More Door Decs!


Here is the resource board! This will help give you multiple resources around campus and/or around Platteville. If there is one not up there you need, come and ask me the question and I would be glad to help. If there is one that you would like to put up there that I do not … More Resources


4E! I know it is past welcome weekend, but in both these areas I will be putting up flyers so you know what will be happening around Platteville! I will try and keep this as updated as I can! If you have a flyer for a club or organization I would be happy to put … More Calendar


Playfair 2017! For those who went to play fair, I hope you had a wonderful experience. I hope you made some new friends and/or just new connections on campus. It was an easy way to get to know people with similarities and/or differences. Even though it was cut short and some of us got caught … More Playfair


Hey residents, welcome to 4 East! The time has come and the move-in weekend is here. Our theme this year is island themed. We were the lucky ones and have Hawaii as our Island. It has been cold lately but hopefully will get warmer by thinking about sandy beaches, palm trees, and of the warm … More Aloha!