The Flag Tree

I thought this would be cool to look at different countries flags. Maybe try and name some of the flags and see how many you can get. Each flag or country is its own individual leaf.  Each leaf has different colors, shapes, size, and background. However, all the leaves are attached to one tree making … More The Flag Tree

New Door Decs!

Since all of us just came back from Spring Break and Summer is soon approaching. I figured a traveling theme for the month of April would be suitable. Each of the door decs has a place on google maps with different countries, cities, and Oceans.  

New Door Decs

Take pictures! In life, takes a bunch of photos so you can look back at all the wonderful memories you have had. Not to mention, that spring break is coming up and that means Vacation!!!!! Take lots of pictures because I will be having an interactive board when we come back.

Emotional Control

Recognize the movie? What is your emotion today? what are ways that you can promote or demote that emotion? Read this board to find out. Don’t forget to watch the movie  (Inside Out) it is a great movie!