New Door Decs

Take pictures! In life, takes a bunch of photos so you can look back at all the wonderful memories you have had. Not to mention, that spring break is coming up and that means Vacation!!!!! Take lots of pictures because I will be having an interactive board when we come back.

Emotional Control

Recognize the movie? What is your emotion today? what are ways that you can promote or demote that emotion? Read this board to find out. Don’t forget to watch the movie  (Inside Out) it is a great movie!


Why am I writing about grapefruits you ask? Well, it’s grapefruit month, duh! Grapefruits do amazing things such as boost levels of vitamin C, high in fiber, low in calories, and protect against serious disease like cancer, heart disease, and formation of tumors. What is not to love about them! Oh yeah! they are absolutely … More Grapefruits

Napping 101

It’s college we all take naps right? Here are a few tips for you people who need little naps and the ones who can sleep for hours. Read up and see what types of naps you do take and what types of naps you should take.

Black History Month

Because Black History is during the month of February, I thought this would be a nice bulletin board of knowledge for you all. Please read. It is important to realize how African Americans have impacted this country in a positive way. Here are some of few people who have impacted segregation and showing the world … More Black History Month