New Door Decs!

4East! These new door decs are supposed to help us get into the spirit of Halloween. A few RAs and I will be hosting a Halloween party on the 31st from 7-9 pm. There will be TONS of food/snacks and games. It will be a blast. Wear your costume and bring your friends!!       … More New Door Decs!

Coming Out Day

Coming Out Day was on October 11th. 4th floor wanted to celebrate and support our residents to feel comfortable in coming out. On the left side of the board there are celebrities that have come out and told the public. This is to show that there is no shame in showing who you really are … More Coming Out Day


What National Disability Employment Awareness Month about? National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) is celebrated in the month of October to let people know how disability employment is an issue. It is also to inform society on the positive contribution that people with disabilities bring to the workforce. The campaign is to get more companies to participate … More NATIONAL DISABILITY EMPLOYMENT AWARNESS MONTH

New Door Decs

You are probably wondering why these were your next door decs. Well, Bridgeway’s Homecoming theme this year is Band World Tour. I figured this would be a fitting door dec for this occasion. I hope you enjoy them! Halloween ones willing be up soon as well!                   … More New Door Decs

Suicide Prevention

Yes, Suicide Prevention month is over; however, that does not mean we do not forget the true reason for it. I thought this bulletin board would be a great representation for suicide prevention month. If you do not get the reference to this when you have time I recommend looking up 1-800-273-8255 by Logic. The lyrics … More Suicide Prevention

Mindful Roommate

As you are filling out roommate and suitemate agreements, please take into consideration everyone’s wants/needs. Follow some of these few tips in being a fantastic roommate. You and I both do not like conflict; however it is inevitable. Not every roommate is a perfect match but want to make sure you are being mindful of … More Mindful Roommate

HIT Night

Wednesday nights at 9 pm is our HIT meeting or Hall Involvement Team. Our meeting starts off with fun games provided by Will. Then we discuss different topics such as, RA wing events around the building, Homecoming activities, and much more. Please join us! Your wing gets points and there will most likely be treats … More HIT Night